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Title [14/05/16] Started order-made FIB equipment sales and FIB process service business
Date 2014-05-16 01:37 Hits 2995
A-Tech System has developed FIB equipment for 7 years. These systems are fabricated by order-made method, so it will be able to supply suitable FIB suitable to each customer economically. Current standard types of FIB systems made by famous global makers have really many functions which are designed user-friendly, but it becomes also one cause which customers should invest much money to purchase the systems. So A-Tech System is going to supply FIB systems suitable to customer budget, which will be made by reflecting only the most essential functions that customers need. Besides FIB system sales FIB process service will be done in A-Tech System’s FIB laboratory, in which there are three FIB system made by A-Tech System and one FIB system of Micrion (USA).
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